Astrid Lindgren,Robin Preiss Glasser,: Lotta on Troublemaker Street

Lotta on Troublemaker Street


Little Lotta has Big troubles Poor Lotta is having a very bad day. First, she wakes up mad because in her dream her older brother and sister were mean to her. Then, Mother expects her to wear a sweater that "scratches and tickles." Madder than ever, Lotta decides to run away and find a new place to live. After all, everyone at her house is mean, so she won't miss her family at all -- will she? This hilarious and authentic look at a very bad day in the life of a very spunky five-year-old is sure to resonate with every reader.

Clare and a group of Claymores are sent to the north to battle a group of Yoma that have banded together under the command of Isley, a powerful Awakened Being. When the warriors arrive, they find their new enemies to be unusually dangerous. They are incredibly strong, well organized, and seem to have a plan to dominate the entire region. Will the Claymores be able to stop this monstrous army? Sangoel is a refugee. Leaving behind his homeland of Sudan, where his father died in the war, he has little to call his own other than his name, a Dinka name handed down proudly from his father and grandfather before him.When Sangoel and his mother and sister arrive in the United States, everything seems very strange and unlike home. In this busy, noisy place, with its escalators and television sets and traffic and snow, Sangoel quietly endures the fact that no one is able to pronounce his name. Lonely and homesick, he finally comes up with an ingenious solution to this problem, Lotta on Troublemaker Street free ebook and in the process he at last begins to feel at home.Written by the authors of the acclaimedFour Feet, Two Sandals, this poignant story of identity and belonging will help young readers understand the plight of the millions of children in the world who are refugees."

Author: Astrid Lindgren,Robin Preiss Glasser,
Number of Pages: 55 pages
Published Date: 01 Oct 2001
Publisher: Aladdin Paperbacks
Publication Country: New York, NY, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780689846731
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